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Top 4 Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Basic Search Engine Optimization tips

We all know that ranking highly on the search engines to get targeted traffic. It’s very important for every website, if we are selling products or services online. In order to get high ranking on search engines, you need to understand how to optimize your website or blog. So that the search engines can easily find your web pages or blog posts. Here are some Basic Search Engine Optimization tips, which you can use to optimize your website or blog.


1. Targeting the right keywords

SEO keywords

Keywords are the fuel for targeted traffic and they form the basis of highly optimized web pages. As you know, users are using keywords to find what they are looking for online. So basically you need to be thinking like a real user who is searching for information on the web. There are many great keyword research tool that you can use to uncover all these important keywords. Google Keyword Planner is a great research tool, it will help you to find the right keywords.


2. Content is King in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Content is King in SEO

If you are selling your products or services online, you need to create unique and interesting content that is related to your products or services. The search engines love unique and fresh content so if you can provide them with good and fresh content, they will give your website a high ranking. Try your best to create interesting information or content that people want to read and willing to give you their opinions by commenting on your blog. The more people comment on your blog the better because this can give your blog a lot of fresh and unique information.


3. On-site optimization

Website On-site Code Optimization

Meta Title & Meta Description – These things must be unique throughout your website, don’t repeat on multiple pages and keep it as, most relevant to the page content & keywords. As well as this, page titles should be in sentence form and not just a list of keywords as this could be seen as irrelevant keyword stuffing, which may negatively impact on your wider optimization efforts. Many people get this wrong and fail to realize just how important a page’s title can be in increasing the relevancy of your website to the keywords you wish it to appear for.


4. Build quality back-links

Social Media Optimization

A back-link is basically a link from other website/blog to your website. It is like a vote. The more votes or links you get from other website to your website, the better. The search engines especially Google will give website that has many quality back-links a high authority. Google trusts websites that have high authority and hence will rank them highly on their search results or front page.

There are many ways to get good quality back-links & website traffic. E.g: You can submit your unique content to high-traffic website or blog like hubpages.com, tumblr.com and blogger.com Social media websites ( plus.google.com, facebook.com and twitter.com ) also will provide you good quality back-links and a lot of targeted traffic.

Make sure your website don’t have any code error, broken links & spelling mistakes. Validate your website using W3C Markup Validation Service Keep your website alive & active on social media. These are the Basic Search Engine Optimization tips for website to get high ranking and good traffic. Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is providing lot of Basic Search Engine Optimization tips. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics helps you to understand your visitors and improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization.


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