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15 Jan – A unique web application to shorten long URL

Short and Share is a technique used to shorten a URL

The Short and Share is a technique used to shorten a URL to direct to a required page. is such public and free URL shortening service with catchy URL. Such technique is used for making short URL easy to read, pronounce, sending through SMS, mail, facebook, twitter, etc. Short URL is more suitable for reproduction in print, makes URLs more brandable and strengthen your brand value. Short URL makes email friendly links and is used for tracking business projects.

Generated short URL

Generated short URL

Main features :

  • Short and Share ( is an unique technique used to shorten a URL to direct to a required
    URL. This technique is used for making short URL easy to read, pronounce, sending through
    SMS, mail, facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Many companies use this technique for various purposes which strengthen their brand value.
  • Main purpose of this technique is for making email friendly links which is used for tracking
    business projects.
  • For example – can be converted to or can be customized to, as per customer’s requirement.
  • Custom editable URL option is an upcoming feature of
  • User can see a title and description related to what URL they tried to short.


30 Apr

How to redirect url with or without www in htaccess

redirect url with or without www in htaccess

Normally every website domain is accessible with or without www ( or We will get the same pages & there will be no difference. But Google will consider it as duplicated content and it will affect your Search Engine Optimization ranking. So we should define a preferred domain method with the help of htaccess. It will redirect the access to either with or without www. Alternatively, add canonical URL ( <link rel=”canonical” href=”” /> ) in your page head and don’t forget to choose a preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tools.

Here i’m going to show you how to define a preferred domain method in htaccess.

Redirect to

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

Redirect to

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

Redirect IP to

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^12\.34\.56\.789$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]


26 Jan

Why Google Loves SSL Certified Websites – HTTPS Everywhere

SSL secure website

Security is a top priority for Google. That’s why Google Loves SSL Certified Websites or HTTPS. So it’s very helpful to get high rank in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now the impact is fewer than 1% of global queries, but it will change in future. It’s called HTTPS Everywhere: Every websites will be switch to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web. Check out this post Top 4 Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips for some basic tips of SEO.

For websites that deal with personal data, or transactions via the Internet, it is necessary to take measures for security of the web application. Processing transactions should be handled securely on the web. Meaning that we need to be able to transmit information between the web site and the web browser in a way that makes it difficult for other the server to intercept and read. To deal with such situations where we need security, we need a SSL or Secure Sockets Layer to take care of this.

What is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ? SSL is a a protocol much like the standard HTTP, but is a secure protocol that can receive and transfer data over the Internet. An encrypted SSL connection requires that the encrypted data to be passed to and from the web server and the web browser and to be decrypted at the receiving end. A SSL certificate is used to authenticate a web site.

What are SSL certificates ? The certificate contains the server’s public key, which is used by the browser to identify and authenticate the server and encrypt the information from the server using SSL. SSL certificates are much like any identification proof that once authenticated, permits the flow of encrypted information through the HTTPS.

fb ssl

There are three different types of SSL certificates you could use. Generally your web hosting companies may provide SSL certification for your website. Some may provide it as a free service, although it may not be any more secure than the standard HTTP.

Shared SSL : As the name suggests, multiple domain names share the same IP address making it easier for the host to managed single shared SSL over different servers. This is a comparatively cheaper method, as single SSL needed to encrypt an array of web sites.

Dedicated SSL : Dedicated SSL, much like dedicated hosting has SSL certification specifically for your root domain space. An HTTPS connection is verfied through a designated IP address. It is the most secure method but comes at a price.

Wildcard SSL : Wildcard SSL certifications will have multiple sub-domains for your website.

24 Sep

Top 4 Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Basic Search Engine Optimization tips

We all know that ranking highly on the search engines to get targeted traffic. It’s very important for every website, if we are selling products or services online. In order to get high ranking on search engines, you need to understand how to optimize your website or blog. So that the search engines can easily find your web pages or blog posts. Here are some Basic Search Engine Optimization tips, which you can use to optimize your website or blog.


1. Targeting the right keywords

SEO keywords

Keywords are the fuel for targeted traffic and they form the basis of highly optimized web pages. As you know, users are using keywords to find what they are looking for online. So basically you need to be thinking like a real user who is searching for information on the web. There are many great keyword research tool that you can use to uncover all these important keywords. Google Keyword Planner is a great research tool, it will help you to find the right keywords.


2. Content is King in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Content is King in SEO

If you are selling your products or services online, you need to create unique and interesting content that is related to your products or services. The search engines love unique and fresh content so if you can provide them with good and fresh content, they will give your website a high ranking. Try your best to create interesting information or content that people want to read and willing to give you their opinions by commenting on your blog. The more people comment on your blog the better because this can give your blog a lot of fresh and unique information.


3. On-site optimization

Website On-site Code Optimization

Meta Title & Meta Description – These things must be unique throughout your website, don’t repeat on multiple pages and keep it as, most relevant to the page content & keywords. As well as this, page titles should be in sentence form and not just a list of keywords as this could be seen as irrelevant keyword stuffing, which may negatively impact on your wider optimization efforts. Many people get this wrong and fail to realize just how important a page’s title can be in increasing the relevancy of your website to the keywords you wish it to appear for.


4. Build quality back-links

Social Media Optimization

A back-link is basically a link from other website/blog to your website. It is like a vote. The more votes or links you get from other website to your website, the better. The search engines especially Google will give website that has many quality back-links a high authority. Google trusts websites that have high authority and hence will rank them highly on their search results or front page.

There are many ways to get good quality back-links & website traffic. E.g: You can submit your unique content to high-traffic website or blog like, and Social media websites (, and ) also will provide you good quality back-links and a lot of targeted traffic.

Make sure your website don’t have any code error, broken links & spelling mistakes. Validate your website using W3C Markup Validation Service Keep your website alive & active on social media. These are the Basic Search Engine Optimization tips for website to get high ranking and good traffic. Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is providing lot of Basic Search Engine Optimization tips. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics helps you to understand your visitors and improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization.


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