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19 Dec

Remove hash from AngularJs url

Remove hash from AngularJs url

Rewrite your AngularJs app url from http://domain.com/#/path/ to http://domain.com/path/ There are few things to set up for remove hash from AngularJs url. So your link in the browser will look like http://domain.com/path/ and these are your base href + angularjs config + .htaccess url rewrite. 1) Base href Set the base href in HTML file. 2) Angularjs […]

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06 Aug

Kallil bhagavathi temple – An ancient Jain cave temple in Kerala

Kallil bhagavathy temple

Jainism was introduced to South India in third century BC by the order of Emperor Chandragupta Mauryan (321-297 BC). From that time Jainism was well established in Kerala. In 800-1000 AD Jainism wiped out from Kerala. The revival of the Vedic Culture (Hinduism) was the main reasons of the disappearance. People were back into the […]

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27 Jun

Top 5 responsive front-end frameworks – 2014

responsive front-end framework

Bootstrap The most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Bootstrap is absolutely the best accepted and broadly acclimated framework, nowadays. It’s a beautiful, automatic and able web architecture kit for creating cantankerous browser, constant and acceptable attractive interfaces. It offers abounding of the accepted UI apparatus with a plain-yet-elegant […]

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