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15 Jan

s2url.in – A unique web application to shorten long URL

Short and Share is a technique used to shorten a URL

The Short and Share is a technique used to shorten a URL to direct to a required page. s2url.in is such public and free URL shortening service with catchy URL. Such technique is used for making short URL easy to read, pronounce, sending through SMS, mail, facebook, twitter, etc. Short URL is more suitable for […]

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05 Oct

Harappan city Lothal – World’s first port town in Human history

Harappan civilization city LOTHAL – WORLD’S FIRST PORT TOWN

Harappan city Lothal is one of the greatest Harappan ( Indus valley ) civilization site, excavated in the Indian border. A wide range of amazing antique things excavated from this heritage site. Lothal was a gemstone of Indus valley civilization, like other heritage sites Harappa and Mohan Jo Daro. World’s first dock is found in Lothal, […]

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15 Aug

How to start Angularjs 4 with Angular CLI


Angular CLI is a command line interface to use Angularjs. We can create any type of Angular apps easily with the help of Angular CLI. How to start Installation? Here we are going to use Node.js command prompt. Start Node.js command prompt & Follow these commands in Node.js command prompt. for latest version :   […]

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