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29 May

Google reCaptcha javascript validation

google recaptcha validation

This is a simple solution for Google recaptcha client side javascript validation. This way you can handle the validation of the response in your form submit handler using javascript. This seems more simple solution than trying to handle it on the captcha callback. “grecaptcha.getResponse()” will return a null value, if recaptcha validation is not passed on […]

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19 Dec

Remove hash from AngularJs url

Remove hash from AngularJs url

Rewrite your AngularJs app url from http://domain.com/#/path/ to http://domain.com/path/ There are few things to set up for remove hash from AngularJs url. So your link in the browser will look like http://domain.com/path/ and these are your base href + angularjs config + .htaccess url rewrite. 1) Base href Set the base href in HTML file. 2) Angularjs […]

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06 Aug

Kallil bhagavathi temple – An ancient Jain cave temple in Kerala

Kallil bhagavathy temple

Jainism was introduced to South India in third century BC by the order of Emperor Chandragupta Mauryan (321-297 BC). From that time Jainism was well established in Kerala. In 800-1000 AD Jainism wiped out from Kerala. The revival of the Vedic Culture (Hinduism) was the main reasons of the disappearance. People were back into the […]

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